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Start selling eBooks & CD software. You can sell them over and over for pure profit. You will have the Resale Rights to the CDs. You can also benefit from reading the CD’s and applying the information to increase your business.

Reselling software is one of the only products you can buy once that will pay for itself over again! You can sell the individual eBooks that are on the CD’s by printing and mailing or emailing them to your customers, or copy and sell the whole CD-Rom.

The latest CD-Rom’s


An impressive collection of 250 innovative eBooks written by world famous authors and business leaders. You can resell the CD, or one or two of the eBooks individually. This CD includes FREE plublishing rights to resell the books on this CD. Enjoy a wide-range of top eBooks that appeal to everyone such as: The eBay Cash Explosion eBook, Memory Power Tricks eBook, Grow Rich from eBay and Internet eBook, Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Recipes, Internet Marketing Gold Rush, Top 10 Ways to Retire Wealthy, Big Money in Your Mailbox Daily, Kitchen Table Money Machine, Escape Credit Debt Today, Investing Made Easy, and HUNDREDS MORE! $19.95

Success Selling on eBay Auctions CD-ROM Item# 4513

The fast and easy way to learn how to sell on ebay. Creating eBay Success has never been easier! Over $44 BILLION DOLLARS was made on eBay last year by housewives, students, retirees and busy parents. More than a whopping 850,000 individuals are making a Full-Time income from eBay. Now you can too. We’ve done the research and found what works. This CD-ROM contains OVER 60 complete, step-by-step training tutorials which cover How to Sell on eBay, Accepting Payments, Uploading pictures to eBay, Secret Bidding/Selling Strategies, eBay Dictionary, Tracking Auctions, Auction Tools and much more! $19.95

Effective Advertising CD-ROM Item# 4514

The fast and easy way to advertise your business. Learn how to advertise fast, easy and free! This CD-Rom contains OVER 150 complete, step-by-step training tutorials, a Marketing Dictionary, FREE Advertising Tools and FREE eBooks that will help any business increase its income, regardless of size or industry! Includes information on Ways to Get Your Customers to Buy NOW, Search Engine Advertising Secrets, Email Marketing Secrets, Radio and TV Advertising tips, Affiliate Programs, Tradeshows and Expos, etc. Also includes a free bonus listing of over 70 of the top ways to sell your products with little or no money. $19.95

The Best Computer Games CD-ROM Item# 4515
A collection of Over 500 of the all-time Best computer games including: Tetris, Pac man, Baseball, Black Jack and many more. Including games for kids, board games, card games, action games, casino games, arcade games, strategy games, sports games, crossword puzzles and much more! You’ll have hundreds of games in over a dozen categories to choose from. No installing necessary, just click and play! $19.95

Computer Learning CD-ROM Item# 4516

Learn computer technology the fast and easy way. This brand NEW training CD-ROM contains OVER 90 complete tutorials that teach you everything you need to know about computers. Quickly go from a “beginner” to an “expert” in just minutes with this brand new CD-ROM. $19.95

Internet Learning Made Easy CD-ROM Item# 4517
The fast and easy way to learn how to use the Internet. This CD contains over 50 complete easy to learn lessons. If your not online your missing out. People use the Internet to buy and sell millions of dollars worth of products and services, research various topics, meet new people, download music, play games, find jobs, trade stocks and much more. Lessons include: Intro to the Internet, Getting connected, the World Wide Web, Intro to email, online chatting, Intro to web design, Online multimedia, tips and tricks. Plus get access to the TOP 200 web sites of all time. $19.95

The Publisher Platinum CD-ROM Item# 4518

750 How-To Books, Reports and Manuals You Can Reprint And Sell!
Immediately start making BIG PROFITS at home selling OVER 750 brand new Moneymaking Reports, Books and Manuals! Everything is on one very profitable CD-ROM. That means that once you own this CD-Rom you are free to copy, edit, print and sell any or all of the publications on this powerful CD-Rom. Became an information publisher instantly with this incredible new CD-Rom. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can reprint and sell some of the most sought after information! Sell one or sell them ALL! $19.95

Starting Your Own Business CD-ROM Item# 4519

Everything you need to know to start your own business. This new CD-ROM title was created to appeal to the huge “business opportunity” market. This CD gives your customers (and you) IMMEDIATE access to all of the information you need to start your own successful business. Includes information on Advertising, Marketing, Human Resources issues, Small Business Accounting and more! $19.95

Business Success for Entrepreneurs CD-ROM Item# 4520

Immediately hold the information you need to become successful in business. With this new CD-ROM you’ll have over over 150 programs, tools and utilities in business related categories such as Accounting, Publishing, Mailing List Management, Business Plans, Accounting, Legal documents and more! If it’s needed in business, it’s in here! $19.95

Windows Made Easy CD-Rom Item# 4521

This amazing new CD-Rom contains over 100 complete, step-by-step Microsoft Windows training tutorials and the best part about it, is that you don’t need any prior understanding of computers to use it! Includes 60 minutes of on-screen video training and a “technical terms” Glossary. $19.95

1,101 Business Letters and Forms CD-Rom Item# 4522

This CD contains an entire pre-written collection of over 1,100 business letters and form guaranteed to save you time. Just customize the letter to your choice and then print. Forget about trying to find the right words. This new CD includes a office suite similar to Microsoft Office for Free. $19.95