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Dashboard / FAQ

How long does it take before I receive an order?

We process and ship your order within 24-48 hours of receipt and ship via UPS. The actual shipping time for delivery depends upon where your order is being shipped. Estimated time for delivery is within 7 business days.

How do I know what the best selling items are?

Your webstore will be pre-loaded with the top selling items, however you will be able to add any other products you like on your webstore. You also have the flexibility of offering a discount to your customers by marking the price down under the suggested retail value which will enable you to sell items more quickly.

Explain the $2.50 service charge?

A $2.50 service charge is applied for orders under $25.00. The service charge is to help defray the cost of packing and shipping small orders.

How much will my shipping costs be?

In the Ordering Area, when you check out the shopping cart will automatically add the shipping to your order. This is the acutual shipping charged by UPS.

How are drop ship orders handled?

To have orders shipped directly to you, enter your address is the Billing and the Shipping section. To have orders drop shipped directly to your customers, enter your address in the Billing section, and your customers name and address in the Shipping section.

How can I place orders for merchandise?

You can order products by clicking on Order Merchandise and adding the products to the shipping cart.

Do you send C.O.D orders?

We do not send any orders C.O.D

Can I get a copy of the catalog?

Because the inventory changes everyday, we do not have catalogs. By the time a catalog is printed and shipped, some merchandise may have sold out. In the ordering area the inventory is updated everyday adding new products and removing out of stock products.

What about taxes?

We do not charge you tax on the items, however you would collect tax from your customer on the final sale. All tax question should be refereed to you State Tax Board, due to varying laws state to state to find out how much tax you need to collect from you customer. Your webstore and be configured to collect the amount of tax you are charging your customers.

Do I need a business licenses?

All questions pertaining to business licenses and permits should be referred to your local City Hall due to varying laws state to state.

What is web hosting and what does it cover?

Every website on the Internet needs to be hosted, hosting is where your webstore is stored on the server to have it viewable on the Internet. Your web hosting includes shopping cart, thousands of products loaded, editing tools to make changes to your site, tech support, credit card processing, live inventory snyc to add new products to your site and remove out of stock products, etc.

Is there a contract of the web hosting?

Your web hosting can be stopped and started again at anytime, there is no contract.

How do I get a merchant account setup to accept credit cards?

Once your webstore has been setup, click on the Merchant Account link in the members area and submit the application online. There is no setup fee to have your merchant account setup, only monthly transaction fees apply. When your application is approved (which only take a few days) then we will connect your merchant account to your webstore. When customers pay for their order using their credit card, their funds will go directly in your bank account. Then you would place the order with us at your wholesale cost and we will drop ship it directly to them for you.